One Clean Apartment

I finished cleaning today!  Cleaning was my major goal for the weekend so I feel like I got what I wanted done.  I even ran a little bleach through the coffee pot.  The day however started like this

Smelling flowers!  Yep I kind of love them- told you they were worth the $3!

and then this

a close up of the oats

which shows an amazing combination of blueberries, banana, and a sprinkle of brown sugar- this really hit the spot!  Also I finished my oatmeal, so I’m gonna have to run to the store.  Which is okay because I invited some people over for dinner.

Which leads to to my question.  I invited my best (male) friends brother and his friends over for dinner.  I’m totally used to hanging out with all guys and it gives me an opportunity to cook something exciting and new!  (Oh and did I mention that I’m new in town and kind of bad at making friends so this pushes me out on a limb).  I decided texting the invite was the easiest way to go about this.  However, that was about 2.5 hours ago.

I need some advice-

How do you make friends in a new town?  Advice-Ideas- I could use it all

If I don’t hear back by 5:30 I think I’ll ask my closest friend from class.  If all else fails, I’ll just enjoy dinner for one

Have a great day

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The Globes

I’m sitting in my living watching the Golden Globes.  Why you wonder- I mean they are actually kind of boring.  Well because I want to see the dresses of course.  Sometimes I wish I lived in a world were I got dressed up from time to time but I don’t, so I watch award shoes and Miss America and try to decide what dress I like.  I’ll give you a run down in a sec

I’m not sure why but I woke up craving a smoothing


That would be ice, a mini banana, a cup of milk, and a scoop of muscle milk light-cake batter flavor

Blended it looked something like this

YUMMMMM- I’m not sure why it has been so long since I had a smoothie.  Maybe because it looks something like this outside

Oh yeah- that could be why 🙂  Well I had some coffee to chase it and warm me back up

Yep and it pepped me back up also 🙂  I was feeling alive alert a wake and excited.  Which was perfect because my favorite Bloomington priest said mass.  I then ran a bunch of errands (and by that I mean I went to goodwill and platos closet- LOVE resale shopping).  Hit up the G store and headed some with a angry stomach that needed a snack

Oh and did I mention that they had daffodils at the store?  This is my very very very very favorite flower.  When I was a kid we had so many daffodils in our back yard that the breeze would pick up the scent and blow the amazing smell into our house.  LOVE

I did Sunday Yoga and then pulled out an amazing treat from the grocery store


WOW- Sorry really bad picture.  It tasted AMAZING though- I love Sushi!  Wish I could eat it every day

Okay so I just went through a bunch of golden globe pictures to see what dresses I liked.  Just a few are

Love the color and the shape

Love the color again

This is very different and I would never pick this dress, but it’s very cool

This dress/look is my favorite of all!  I love the old fashion look.  Dianna Agron always looks amazing

What was your favorite dress?


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Miss America

I can remember watching Miss America as a kid.  I remember watching it with my childhood best friend Amanda in her basement.  In college when I was an RA I used Miss America as a programing opportunity.  We were all shoved into my tiny dorm room commenting on gowns, hair, and bad answers.

So you ask, what am I doing- well of corse, watching Miss America in my living room.  To be honest, I have not left my apartment all day (kind of embarrassing).

Today I have cleaned our apartment, done a fun dance workout, done yoga, and kettle bell.  I also took a crack into the book Cinch which is very has some good recipies I look forward to trying.

Once I finished cleaning (I took a whole three hours) I needed a snack.

A grapefruit.  I find that grapefruit make a perfect snack.  I have trouble eating them for breakfast or lunch cause I then have trouble eating other foods (the sour taste).  So when I only buy one or two at a time.  What do you eat with a grapefruit?

I was then good for a few hours in which I did a fun bollywood dance workout, Jillian shred it with weight, and finished with some yoga to stretch out my muscles.

After using cleaning as my work, I decided against working for dinner.  SO I used almost no power and opened a can of soup.  My favorite- Chicken Noodle- Healthy Choice style- they don’t go light on the noodles.

Warmed my heart and soul- Sorry Campbell’s I prefer Healthy Choice. I also dug something out of the freezer

Another funny note for you.  I am sitting on the floor in my living wearing about 100 layers of clothing wrapped in a blanket because I want to save $4.  Basically I won’t turn my heat up is what I’m telling you.  Yep that’s me- cheap scate.

Well Much Love my Friends- I’m sure I’ll have an opinion on everyones dress/answer/talent in the morning.


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This Girl Can Sleep

So after a week of being on a schedule, I slept like a BABY and for 10 hours (WOW) last night.  As my Mom would say “I guess you need it”.

I feel really great and alive, but yes I slept a lot of my day away.  I’m not complaining because I don’t actually have a ton to do today.  Just a bunch of cleaning and organizing.  Oh and I’m thinking some Yoga.  Last night I Siva Ray and bollywood dance on Hulu.  I think I’ll try those

ANYWAY Dinner from last night

leftover bulger, refried beans (which I love), a little cheese, and some avacado

and these got made

but do we really need to talk about that 🙂

When I got up this morning I decided I would be a horse

I ate some oats

and coffee

It hit the spot and filled me up.  Man I love oats- oats are not just for horses!

Well, cleaning needs to happen.  I think I’ll start with dusting

Do you have plans for the three day weekend?  If so how are you gonna live it up?

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A running buddy

Breakfast, no words just simple picture

Great Harvest Apricot and Almond

I have always been a social runner!  Most of my good friends are runners.  We chat, catch up, laugh, and run.  However, when I moved I had to left my running friends.  I spent an entire semester running alone and missed my running friends SO much.

On Wednesday I went to the indoor track to run.  A FND (Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics) girl was at the gym at the same time.  We got to talking and guess what!!!!!  She’s a runner.  So we exchanged numbers and decided to run together today.  We met up, ran 4 miles (I ran a mile to meet her).  I loved having company.  We found out we live really close to each other and have plans to run together again.

When I got back and showered (and warmed up), lunch was on my mind.  I spent the entire shower changing my mind over and over again and then I decided to use some leftover chicken and lettuce so I could clean my fridge out a little.

lettuce, hand full of tortilla chips, black olives, half a chicken breast, and a massive amount of salsa

It really hit the spot.  And of course the brownies came out of the fridge and into the microwave

yeah I know, looks good!

Well I have no real plans and a three day weekend.  I’m sure the days will get filled but I made a list to help things along.  I have laundry, cleaning, and reading to do.   Household chores and such

I guess I could check a few off my list 🙂

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Small Town Southern Man

And he bowed his head to Jesus
And he stood for Uncle Sam
And he only loved one woman
(He) was always proud of what he had
He said his greatest contribution
Is the ones you leave behind
Raised on the ways and gentle kindness
Of a small town Southern man
(Raised on the ways and gentle kindness)
(Of a small town Southern man)

My Dad is southern.  This song fits him very well- I would say gentle kindness is the best way to describe my Dad.

– I have three brothers, but my second brother is deployed, so these are my other two brothers.  Cade is 27 and a trama doctor (aka adrenalin junky).  Nate is 18 and a senior in High School.  He is a environerd!  LOVE IT

Best word to describe my family


Anyway-lunch was very very very easy and poorly planned

Lara bar in the library at 12:00 before class to keep the stomach growls down

and some carrots around 2:30 to get veggies into my day.  Enjoyed them with some hot tea before I ran.

Alright, so I’m sure by know you are wondering why I went on a tangent about small town southern men.  Well my dinner was basically the south in a nut shell.  I present

A Mason Jar of Iced Tea, chicken BBQ, and rutabaga fries.

I had never had rutabaga fries but they were really really good.  I usually do sweet potatoes so this was a nice break.

I may or may not have baked some brownies this evening and really really enjoyed some batter and some a lot of scraps.  What can I say, I don’t have a ton of homework tonight so second choice.  BAKE

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JIM my so cool friend

SO if you don’t know who Emmanuel Jal is, you should!  He was a child soldier and is now an activist for peace.  I heard him speak in college!  He was amazing!

Today my friend sent me a facebook message that said- watch, you’ll know someone with this video attached.  I started watching and then went- WHAT!  The white guy with long hair and a hat on is a friend of mine from SLU.  We met at Tuesday Thursday Mass and then had Spanish together.

This is why I loved SLU!  It’s such a “social justice” campus.

Anyway I wanted to give ya’ll a look.  First off because it’s such a great message and second off because my friend Jim is in it!

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