Emergency granola bars

So my friends last night I found myself in my least favorite situation.

Let me start from the begining

As I was walking out the door last night to pick up the kids I nanny I got a phone call.  The mother of another girl I babysit was frantic as she asked  if I could watch Sidney that night.  Things are pretty slow this week so I had no problem saying yes.

After I finished nannying I went over to Sidney’s neighbor to pick her up.  We went back to her  house and cut out snow flakes and hearts and played games.  Around 6:00 I figured it was time to find some dinner.  In the rush out the door Sidney’s Mom forgot to leave instructions for dinner.  With Sids help and request we found some chicken nuggets.  I warmed them up for her and then tried to find some fruit or veggies.  Could I find any-nope.

Okay no biggie- however, with a low chicken nugget supply I ended up snacking on some gold fish.  Yep a very nutritious meal 😦

SO this reminded me to restock my emergency granola bars

One for my car and one for my backpack!  While sometimes I go a long time without actually needing these-when I do, I’m always SO glad I had them.

Anyway, breakfast correct

Maybe my lack of protein last night led me to choose greek yogurt with a Nature Valley Granola bar crumbled on top

Yep that helped with my lack of protein and the pear added some vitamins and minerals!

Well I’m headed out the door.  Lunch running date with a friend should be really fun (and perfect timing because It will get it out of the way).

Have a great great Thursday

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2 Responses to Emergency granola bars

  1. I think having emergency bars is such a good idea! I get so cranky when I’m hungry, I always have food around 🙂

  2. Lara bars are my abs. fav! I love putting the peanut butter one in the fridge and eating it cold tastes sooo good! Also, the blueberry muffin one is phenom!

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