The Great PB and J debate

Sorry my internet was being really slow.  How funny is it- we live in such a fast paced world that when our internet is even just a little slow we get really annoyed.  Remember the world before high speed internet!

My goal for breakfast was to use up the greek yogurt I opened the other day.  I added some cereal and honey to bulk it up a little and enjoyed a pear on the side.

the yogurt bowl looked something like this

Yummy Yummy in my tummy

Last night as I was packing my lunch I thought- hey I’ve been eating lots of veggies (and as you know it’s been LOTS of veggies- thank you).  Maybe it would be a good day to pack my favorite lunch sandwich treat

Yep a Pb and J!  Now I’m not one to knock the PB and J.  There are some real nutrients in a pb and j- protein, whole grains, and I used low sugar jelly.  However, let’s be honest, my veggie wrap from yesterday kind of trumps it.  But not in flavor!  Something about pb and j just makes me happy and feel like a little kid.

Alright but the question is

How do you make your pb and J?

the pb and j pictured is not my “fav” combo.  The above is rasberry jam and natural creamy PB on a sandwich round

My fav is apricot (my friends tell me it’s old lady) jam and natural extra crunchy on homemade bread.  I think this could be marked to high end store were fancy people eat.

at least that is how I feel

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One Response to The Great PB and J debate

  1. I love my PB&Js. I usually make mine with all-natural peanut butter, raspeberry or blueberry preserves, topped on a whole wheat bagel thin. So yummy! This morning I had a peanut butter and apple sandwich (on an English muffin). So delicious!!

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