Why Not

Well, my company fell through.  Which is fine I still had a lot of work to do.  I did something a little out of ordinary and decided to send my resume into a job that looked interesting.  I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.

I stuck with really easy food for dinner

I guess in the place of an elaborate meal I went with a meal that required almost no work.  A Egg sandwich with a salad.  I used vinegar, oil, and sea salt as my dressing.  I love this combination, it brings out the flavor of the lettuce isn’t think.  Thank you to the ancients for this simple dressing

I wanted something sweet simply because


Activia Vanilla Yogurt and a cake mix cookie- it hit the spot and took satisfied my sweet tooth.

SO I’m still calling out for advice!

How do you make friends in a new town?

I have never done this in a non freshman in college world (everyone is new and everyone is ready to make new friends).

It does help that I do have some AMAZING friends I made in college.  I just wish they lived a little closer 😦

In good news- We will all be together for the first time since May on Saturday.  That will get me through the week.


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