Hummus Breathing

I LOVE hummus.  I think I was in high school the first time I had it.  It wasn’t until college when I visited Trader Joes with a good friend that I fell in love with hummus.  My favorite is garlic-extra garlic to be exact.  However, of course, that leaves my breathe in a horrid state.  As I’m writing this post it hit me, it’s not the hummus (well not just the hummus) but the garlic that leaves in this state.

But it is worth it.  Sorry to all those people who I have alienated because by breath smells horrible, I am going to keep eating it.  Maybe I should get a t-shirt or something so I can warn people 🙂  Especially in class as I eat my hummus and then sit very close to everyone else.  WOOPS

Lunch was packed last night!  This makes my day easier and helps move things along smoothly

Whole grain wrap, lettuce, hummus (the extra garlic part), black olives, and some avocado (aka butter).

All wrapped up it looked a little something like this

Packed in my very very cute reusable lunch bag.  Is it bad that I kind of love this thing.

I just got home from class and am about to head our for a run.  This afternoon is the last Tuesday Thursday I’ll be able to run in the afternoon until day light savings time.  I have a lab that starts on Thursday and will take up my afternoons.  But Day light savings time is not that far away- Right?

Do You miss Day Light Savings time?

I really miss having longer days.  While short days are kind of nice for school because I don’t feel bad about sitting in a chair all afternoon, I really miss the extra running time.  It is kind of like rainy days.  I like them from time to time, but in general I prefer the sun.

Well folks- I need to pull myself away from Hulu -The Bachelor- (I know I have too much time on my hands when I watch the bachelor).  I have a few miles to put on my shoes

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