The Globes

I’m sitting in my living watching the Golden Globes.  Why you wonder- I mean they are actually kind of boring.  Well because I want to see the dresses of course.  Sometimes I wish I lived in a world were I got dressed up from time to time but I don’t, so I watch award shoes and Miss America and try to decide what dress I like.  I’ll give you a run down in a sec

I’m not sure why but I woke up craving a smoothing


That would be ice, a mini banana, a cup of milk, and a scoop of muscle milk light-cake batter flavor

Blended it looked something like this

YUMMMMM- I’m not sure why it has been so long since I had a smoothie.  Maybe because it looks something like this outside

Oh yeah- that could be why 🙂  Well I had some coffee to chase it and warm me back up

Yep and it pepped me back up also 🙂  I was feeling alive alert a wake and excited.  Which was perfect because my favorite Bloomington priest said mass.  I then ran a bunch of errands (and by that I mean I went to goodwill and platos closet- LOVE resale shopping).  Hit up the G store and headed some with a angry stomach that needed a snack

Oh and did I mention that they had daffodils at the store?  This is my very very very very favorite flower.  When I was a kid we had so many daffodils in our back yard that the breeze would pick up the scent and blow the amazing smell into our house.  LOVE

I did Sunday Yoga and then pulled out an amazing treat from the grocery store


WOW- Sorry really bad picture.  It tasted AMAZING though- I love Sushi!  Wish I could eat it every day

Okay so I just went through a bunch of golden globe pictures to see what dresses I liked.  Just a few are

Love the color and the shape

Love the color again

This is very different and I would never pick this dress, but it’s very cool

This dress/look is my favorite of all!  I love the old fashion look.  Dianna Agron always looks amazing

What was your favorite dress?


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2 Responses to The Globes

  1. I loveeeed Lea Michelle’s dress as well!! I also liked Natalie Portman’s! She looks so cute preggers!

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