One Clean Apartment

I finished cleaning today!  Cleaning was my major goal for the weekend so I feel like I got what I wanted done.  I even ran a little bleach through the coffee pot.  The day however started like this

Smelling flowers!  Yep I kind of love them- told you they were worth the $3!

and then this

a close up of the oats

which shows an amazing combination of blueberries, banana, and a sprinkle of brown sugar- this really hit the spot!  Also I finished my oatmeal, so I’m gonna have to run to the store.  Which is okay because I invited some people over for dinner.

Which leads to to my question.  I invited my best (male) friends brother and his friends over for dinner.  I’m totally used to hanging out with all guys and it gives me an opportunity to cook something exciting and new!  (Oh and did I mention that I’m new in town and kind of bad at making friends so this pushes me out on a limb).  I decided texting the invite was the easiest way to go about this.  However, that was about 2.5 hours ago.

I need some advice-

How do you make friends in a new town?  Advice-Ideas- I could use it all

If I don’t hear back by 5:30 I think I’ll ask my closest friend from class.  If all else fails, I’ll just enjoy dinner for one

Have a great day

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