Miss America

I can remember watching Miss America as a kid.  I remember watching it with my childhood best friend Amanda in her basement.  In college when I was an RA I used Miss America as a programing opportunity.  We were all shoved into my tiny dorm room commenting on gowns, hair, and bad answers.

So you ask, what am I doing- well of corse, watching Miss America in my living room.  To be honest, I have not left my apartment all day (kind of embarrassing).

Today I have cleaned our apartment, done a fun dance workout, done yoga, and kettle bell.  I also took a crack into the book Cinch which is very has some good recipies I look forward to trying.

Once I finished cleaning (I took a whole three hours) I needed a snack.

A grapefruit.  I find that grapefruit make a perfect snack.  I have trouble eating them for breakfast or lunch cause I then have trouble eating other foods (the sour taste).  So when I only buy one or two at a time.  What do you eat with a grapefruit?

I was then good for a few hours in which I did a fun bollywood dance workout, Jillian shred it with weight, and finished with some yoga to stretch out my muscles.

After using cleaning as my work, I decided against working for dinner.  SO I used almost no power and opened a can of soup.  My favorite- Chicken Noodle- Healthy Choice style- they don’t go light on the noodles.

Warmed my heart and soul- Sorry Campbell’s I prefer Healthy Choice. I also dug something out of the freezer

Another funny note for you.  I am sitting on the floor in my living wearing about 100 layers of clothing wrapped in a blanket because I want to save $4.  Basically I won’t turn my heat up is what I’m telling you.  Yep that’s me- cheap scate.

Well Much Love my Friends- I’m sure I’ll have an opinion on everyones dress/answer/talent in the morning.


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