This Girl Can Sleep

So after a week of being on a schedule, I slept like a BABY and for 10 hours (WOW) last night.  As my Mom would say “I guess you need it”.

I feel really great and alive, but yes I slept a lot of my day away.  I’m not complaining because I don’t actually have a ton to do today.  Just a bunch of cleaning and organizing.  Oh and I’m thinking some Yoga.  Last night I Siva Ray and bollywood dance on Hulu.  I think I’ll try those

ANYWAY Dinner from last night

leftover bulger, refried beans (which I love), a little cheese, and some avacado

and these got made

but do we really need to talk about that 🙂

When I got up this morning I decided I would be a horse

I ate some oats

and coffee

It hit the spot and filled me up.  Man I love oats- oats are not just for horses!

Well, cleaning needs to happen.  I think I’ll start with dusting

Do you have plans for the three day weekend?  If so how are you gonna live it up?

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