A running buddy

Breakfast, no words just simple picture

Great Harvest Apricot and Almond

I have always been a social runner!  Most of my good friends are runners.  We chat, catch up, laugh, and run.  However, when I moved I had to left my running friends.  I spent an entire semester running alone and missed my running friends SO much.

On Wednesday I went to the indoor track to run.  A FND (Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics) girl was at the gym at the same time.  We got to talking and guess what!!!!!  She’s a runner.  So we exchanged numbers and decided to run together today.  We met up, ran 4 miles (I ran a mile to meet her).  I loved having company.  We found out we live really close to each other and have plans to run together again.

When I got back and showered (and warmed up), lunch was on my mind.  I spent the entire shower changing my mind over and over again and then I decided to use some leftover chicken and lettuce so I could clean my fridge out a little.

lettuce, hand full of tortilla chips, black olives, half a chicken breast, and a massive amount of salsa

It really hit the spot.  And of course the brownies came out of the fridge and into the microwave

yeah I know, looks good!

Well I have no real plans and a three day weekend.  I’m sure the days will get filled but I made a list to help things along.  I have laundry, cleaning, and reading to do.   Household chores and such

I guess I could check a few off my list 🙂

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2 Responses to A running buddy

  1. I am so jealous you have running friends! I have no one to run with. I wish I did, I would do it more 🙂

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