Professional Runner

The university I attend just opened a brand new gym.  Cool right!

However, it is kind of packed and kind of crazy.  Curiosity killed the cat- so I checked it out.   Also I did not really have time to get out during day light hours tonight.  To the new gym I went.

While I was running I heard a girl say to her friends in kind of a annoyed voice “that girl is like a professional runner”.  I have to say it was a great compliment 🙂  Even if she did not mean it that way

Watch out Kara

I WISH! I love to run and I take it very seriously, but I am in NO way a professional runner.  Honestly, I’m not even sure I wish-I kind of like my simple life.

When I got home, it was dinner time for sure.  You will learn quickly that i enjoy making a few meals ahead of time so I can easily heat and rewarm it throughout the week.  tonight’s dinner was exactly that

Soup- made with broth from chicken breast I boiled this weekend, frozen veggies (fiesta mix), lima beans, a jar of tomatoes, and whole grain pasta.  Yep, I am a (future) dietician I get my complete proteins.

I also grabbed a piece of Great Harvest Bread (oh I am such a fan)

Almond Apricot!  I mean whats not to love

Watching “Off The Map” on ABC

I love the idea of the show.  Maybe because part of me wants to be a Dr. in a third world country.  I still dream of the peace core from time to time.  Who knows?  Dietitians are needed in third world countries

If you could spend a year what organization/task would you take?

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2 Responses to Professional Runner

  1. You must be a fast runner if someone at the gym took notice 🙂

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