Baby Banana

Please now sing baby beluga but replace the word beluga with banana.

Yeah bet you have not thought about that song in a LONG time.

When I was at the store this Sunday they were out of bananas.  I know it was Sunday and that students were back, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a store be out of bananas.  So whats a girl to do? Buy Baby bananas I love them in the tropics

Pros: They are the PERFECT size for me.

They are cute

Cons: They are a little more expensive

They keep a slight astringent taste even after they are allowed to sit for a while.

Baby Banana geneticists have some work to do!

The reason I had to buy bananas this week is because I’ve been having a huge craving for this

Vans whole grain waffle, PB- and plenty of it, and baby banana.  Plus not to mention

COFFEE!  Why, well first off because I love COFFEE, but also because it is 4 degrees outside.  May I say YUCK!  Yep, I’m wearing long underwear for sure today- I’m not even sure that will help.

Okay SO question of the day

What foods do you love in the tropics that do not transfer well to non tropic areas?

While Baby Bananas are one, Papaya is fruit I wish I could eat everyday.  However, anyone who lives in the midwest knows that papaya tastes like soup and does not taste better.  Just does not ship well.  This means that whenever I’m in the tropics I eat papaya a lot!

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