quiet your mind

This song I kind of LOVE

Yep- it really got me out for my run today.  I just had to remember to quiet my mind and run.  It helped that I had 5.5 miles in the snow to just run and enjoy the world around me.  I even smiled when I got to run on fresh snow

When I got home, Jillian was in the works for me

Yep I sure did shred it with weights 🙂  Because I just started back to school I don’t really have that much homework.  At least not yet – it is coming- don’t worry I’ll be swamped in no time.
While I was running I figured out exactly what i wanted for dinner
However, I also know I needed some veggies

some mixed greens with a generous – or maybe overly generous amount of salsa that you can’t see- woops
Then came the eggs
A sandwich thin, three egg whites, and some laughing cow cheese- may I say YUM
Finally I decided dessert was needed today- not sure why but it was just on of those days
chocolate chips – okay maybe more than pictured
three crackers
and peanut butter
May I say yum myself.  I melted the peanut butter which made the whole thing even better
Question of the day?
How do you put yourself out there.  My friends have been giving me a really hard time about not putting myself out there.  This, by the way, is not just with guys but also with friends.  Truth is it’s really hard for me to put my heart out there
Yep that is the atomically correct heart.
Anyway, I think I have trouble with rejection.  When I do put my heart on the line, I don’t think I do a good job of putting it all the way out there.
I am a totally bubbly happy girl but I have trouble getting past that.  I used my networks.  I think the main problem is just that I want things to pick up really fast.  However, they really aren’t.  Maybe part of it is that when things don’t pick up, I close up my heart and have trouble opening up again.
Part of me also thinks that I am struggling with this all more than i want to be.  My soul wants company
Well sleep well
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