Lunch Box Girl

I woke up early to do some Jillian

I’m actually not a huge fan of this one.  I think I’ll stick with it, but it’s just not really my thing.  Maybe I’ll try work out two in a few days and see how that works.

I think we will start with breakfast today.  Because that is the what I did after getting ready

A bowl of cereal Special K with yogurt clusters.  Twas good- classic!

I packed my fruit to have as a snack between classes.  I put it in my lunch box and pulled it out

Yep I’m have a little kid lunch box, and I love it!  I feel like a cool kid when I walk on campus with my little kid box

a lovely pear.  It hit the spot but made me feel loud in the quiet room as it went, crunch, crunch, crunch

When I finished class I had two options

Go to the library and sit in the cold and eat my lunch.  Or come home, sit in my comfortable chair, and eat my lunch

yeah, easy choice huh- I still ate my packed lunch

Also please note my very cute reusable lunch pack.  My friend Christin gave i to me and I’m in love with it.  Not only does it save a bag, it is way cute.  Check them out at snack taxi.  You can save the planet and feel cute at the same time.

A whole grain wrap packed with spinach, hummus, and black olives.  Kind of AMAZING.  Other great part about going home.  I swapped my packed apple with a yogurt which sounded better for some reason.

Maybe it was the sugar that i wanted.  Hmmmm could be

Well I have some anatomy to read and some kids to pick up and some homework to do.  The norm. . .  I am hoping to make a spinning class this evening at 6:00.  My college just opened a new gym so things are REALLY packed.  I’m planning on heading that direction at least a half an hour before class.

Have a great afternoon


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