Back from vaca

My family just got back from vacation.  We headed to the beach in Hawaii and then to the mountains in San Diego (to visit my older brother, the doc).

Twas a nice trip but as usual I was ready to get back.  Ready to have clean hair, to eat vegetables, to sleep in my own bed, and most importantly- as the type A I am, ready to check things off my to do list.

1. I ordered my test books!

2. I picked out a haircut so my new hair dresser has a idea of what I want

– hair dressers tend to want to give me lots of layers- which I don’t want- but this length is perfect!

3. Ran 6 miles- which felt good!  Especually with my new garmin- which I by the way LOVE!  I love knowing I did 6 miles at 9:15 ( a little slow for me but the vaca left me a little out of shape)

4. Used a itunes gift card to get Jillian Shred it with Weight

I bought a kettle bell at TJ Max about two months ago.  I have not done a good job of using it and I really need to work weight training into my workout.

5. Ordered a new book

I read an article about this book in Shape and kind of loved the idea.  SO I thought- hey why not order the book

6. Made plans with a friends to visit a tea shop

7. Laundry

9. Printed off gym schedule and class schedule

8. I am know watching Weather Girl- I think I’m gonna like it

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